SilverStep 36" Luxury Retractable Banner Stand with Case




These belong to a aerospace company, they only tested each one for use and stored, SilverStep 36" WIDE Luxury Retractable Banner Stand with Case, does not include banner, you get the RETRACTABLE banner stand, poles and case, there is a 12" leader with velcro and support banner attachment rod to attach your banner, you then roll it into the retractable stand for future use, Retractable Banner stands perfect for trade shows, show rooms, bank lobbies, hotels and restaurants. Roll Up retractable banner displays are quickly set up by extending from the spring-loaded base and attaching it to the support pole. Teardown is just as quick, achieved by removing the support pole and allowing the banner to slowly reel into the base. The included carrying cases add convenience to these displays. You will receive the hardware in the case.