Holley Carburetor Airplane Turbine Speed Master A7012 NARF Pensacola




Just in from a local aerospace company sale comes this surplus Holley Carburetor Airplane Turbine Speed Master, A7012, NARF Pensacola,, sold for parts or as a collectible, we are not sure what this item is, if I was to guess, id say its a carburetor for a turbine off a helicopter or aircraft, but that's just a guess,  has a shelf life date stamp 1975. about 16" long and weighs 34 lbs unboxed

All items with power cords are tested for simple power on only, it is presumed good ( unless otherwise noted ) but sold as shown and as-is.  

Local Pick-up available 8am-12noon weekdays from 91355 // 9% Calif. sales tax required


Location // AC shelf